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Basketball Friday Night in West Virginia

Basketball Friday Night in West Virginia is a three-hour radio broadcast every Friday night during high school basketball season from 9:00 p.m. to midnight.

Listen live on great radio stations throughout West Virginia. To find which station is in your area, the affiliates and their frequencies are listed at the bottom of this page. If no stations in your area carry Basketball Friday Night in West Virginia, you may listen or watch live online by clicking the appropriate button in the adjacent left-hand column.

Hosts Ryan Epling, Coach Ric Morrone, James Collier and Rudi Raynes provide continual score updates, interviews and analysis of the evening’s games.  You’ll hear recaps from sports writers, broadcasters and coaches involved with Mountain State contests. It’s the premier radio program exclusively featuring West Virginia high school basketball.

For complete live radio coverage of high school basketball in the Mountain State, there is only one place to find it each Friday night up to the Championship Round of the State Tournament – Basketball Friday Night in West Virginia.

How to Get Involved With The Program

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Scroll down and fill out the form. That will send the information to the program. None of your personal information is recorded, just the information requested. It's quick, simple, and easy.

Affiliate Listing

Beckley WQAZ 101.5 FM
Clay WYAP 101.7 FM
Fayetteville WQAZ 98.5 FM
Fort Gay WFGH 90.7 FM
Huntington WMUL 88.1 FM
Logan WVOW 1290 AM
Logan WVOW 101.9 FM
Matewan WVKM 106.7 FM

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